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Modified PEG & PEG Derivative Series

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 Modified PEG & PEG Derivative Series

We can provide various PEG and PEG series products as followed.

1. Monofunctional PEG Derivatives (mPEG-R)


-NH2; -CH2NH2; -COOH; -CH2CH2COOH; -EPMAL; -SC; Biotin

-PPMAL; -SPA; -OCOOPhNO2; -CHO; -VS; -S-S-Pyridine; -Thiol

-CH(OEt)2; -SH; -SS; -SG; -SCM; -OTS; -ButyrALD; -ALD; -AC; -Alkyne; -Azide; -Epoxide; -Hydrazide; -NCO; -NPC; -OPSS; SG; -Silane; -VS

2. Heterobifunctional PEG Derivatives (R1-PEG-R2)


H-; NH2-; COOH-; MAL-; ACLT-; Biotin-; Gluc-; Gala-; AC-; BOC-; NH-; DSPE-; Fluorescein-; OPSS-; Thiol-; ACRL-; FMOC-NH-;


-NH2; -CH2NH2; -CH2CH2CH2NH2; -COOH; -CH2CH2COOH; -CHO; -CH(OEt)2; -NHS; -MAL; SCM; -SC; -Biotin; -Acid; -CM; -SVA; -VA; -Silane;

3. Homobifunctional PEG Derivatives (R-PEG-R)


NH2; CH2NH2; CH2CH2COOH; EP-MAL; PP-MAL; NHS; OPSS; AC; ALD; Azide; EP; GA; Hydrazide; NPC; SH; ACRL; -ButyrALD; -Thiol; Tosylate; VA;

4. Branched PEG Derivatives (PEG2-R)



5. 3-arm-Functional PEG Series (PEG-X)3



6. 4-arm-Functional PEG Series (PEG-X)4


-Acid; -ACRL; -NH2; -EP; -MAL; -NHS; -NPC; -OH; -SCM;
-Thiol; -CM; -Azide;  -COOH; -DSPE; -SH; -SS; -SC; -SG;

7. 6-arm-Functional PEG Series (PEG-X)6


-6-aminohexyl; -AC; -ACRL; -NH2; -EP; -MAL; -NHS; -NPC; -OH; -SG; SH; SS; -CM; NCO;

8. 8-arm-Functional PEG Series (PEG-X) 8


-NHS; -CM; -COOH; -OH; -NH2; -NPC; -SG

PEG is the common abbreviation for polyethylene glycol, or acurately, poly (ethylene glycol) , which refers to a chemical compound composed of repeating ethylene glycol units. 
PEG series are used as the protein modifier to protect drug molecule for extending the half-life. They are used widely in cosmetics industry as the carrier of deodorizer and flavouring agent, the nongreasy lubricant of the shaving agent, the emulsification addition agent in soapmaking and the binding agent of shampoo, bathroom cleaning agent. In dope and ink industry, PEG series can be used as the stroma to replace the water-emulsified paint. PEG and PEG ester are widely used in spinning industry as detergent, softener, lubricant, antistatic agent, dispersant, dye carrier, air regulator and finishing agents. PEG series also can be used as the feedstock of ester surfactant and the media and hot carrier of organic synthesis.
We have the autonomous intellectual property rights of the medical polymers modifier series and modifier.

The future and technical superiority as followed:
1. Good performance and high purity. The scope of molecular weight is 800-40000, and the PDI of the PEG Derivatives is less than 1.10 while the common PDI is 1.60.
2. Simplified manufacture artwork, low impurity and stable quality.
3. Mass production is available and cost is under control.
4. Can be customized to develop specially, the specifications is 100g-1000g.  

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